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  Sésame Thanz-Buckner (born 1923) has lived and exhibited all over the world. Her background includes study at the Parsons School of Design in New York and with the late John Altoon in Los Angeles. Her exhibitions include UNESCO (Paris), the Riverside Arts Foundation Desert Gallery and the Modern Tribal Gallery (Palm Springs), a solo show at Galerie Monte Carlo Soft Art (Paris, as arranged by Iris Clert), and a number of galleries in Europe, California, and Florida.

Sésame celebrates the Surrealist spirit, tempting one to forget the preconceptions and constraints of the rational mind and enter an enchanted world of magic, myth and memory that Sesame has created. Sesame makes bizarre mixed media assemblages in which mystical creatures roam strange miniature environments, reminiscent of the poem-objects of Andre Breton or the boxes of Joseph Cornell. She invents new objects, figures and sculptural tableaux using a fantastic array of ‘found objects’ including bits of jewelry, dolls, fur, bones, mirrors, old photographs and trinkets combined in surprising ways. Each ‘found object’ within a composition is imbued with its own secret history, bringing an air of mystery and nostalgia to its new refuge. In the surrealist tradition, contradictions in scale between objects (a plastic bird may be the same size as a tiny human figure) are magically reconciled as they are in a dream.

~ Jerilyn Vogelsang, Los Angeles Times

"Sésame has the exquisite eye of the Alchemist, creating a Child’s Garden of Magic to amaze and amuse."

~ Kenneth Anger, American Filmmaker

"Sésame’s work is always interesting, humorous, and oddly emotional. I highly recommend it."

~ Paul Mazursky, Director/Producer/Writer

"When I see Sésame’s work, I realize the therapeutic value of beauty and imagination."

~ Samson De Brier, Hollywood Historian

"Each piece is magic. The power of her work has had a deep and lasting effect on me."

~ Alejandro Rey, Actor

Sésame’s surrealist sculptures turn me on.

~ Eric Burden, Rock Star


Eileen Ireland, Betsy and Paul Mazursky, Elaine Hoggan, Sésame, and Samson De Brier


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